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A campus-wide Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platform (tools and processes), crmND is a strategy, often supported by technology, for more effectively managing relationships with key constituency groups, such as parents, faculty, staff, organizations, and/or alumni over the lifetime of the relationship.  Salesforce is the name of the company that supports the software that we call crmND.

The objective of implementing crmND is to maximize engagement and affinity with Notre Dame constituents (alumni, parents, friends, corporations, fans, campus visitors, etc.).

Development Objectives

  • To develop a unified ND experience through a single constituent record across campus to facilitate coordination and sharing of data, and provide value for both the constituent and the University.
  • To increase growth potential within our portfolios, and the opportunities and growth potential associated with other constituents.
  • To understand constituent behaviors and conversations in order to respond in a timely and relevant manner.
  • To deploy a marketing automation tool to provide AGSM improved efficiencies and capabilities which will facilitate achieving their goals.
  • Support improved business processes which will provide additional capability and functionality to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Development, eliminate unprofitable activity, and increase end-user adoption.



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