How do we get there?


CRM functionality will be deployed in phases. The first phase will focus on supporting the Fundraiser (including Regional Development, Principal Gifts, CFR, Athletics Advancement, Gift Planning) constituent engagement process, Annual Giving and Strategic Marketing (focused on marketing automation) and Data Integrity.

This approach was selected to incrementally provide functionality that will allow us to realize the benefits of improved processes sooner than an all-in approach. The reality of this approach, however, is some processes will remain in Advance during this transition.

Moving all of the current functionality out of Advance Web will occur in phases over the next couple of years with gift processing being the last to move. As a result, the number of processes executed in Advance Web will continue to diminish through 2018. During this time, the crmND team will continue to evaluate whether gift processing will remain in Advance Web or transition to another tool.


You can also follow our progress on Twitter (crm_ND).