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What is crmND?

A campus-wide Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) platform (tools and processes), crmND will enable managing relationships from a single database and facilitate internal collaboration by providing a unified view of their entire Notre Dame relationship throughout their lifetime.

The objective of implementing crmND is to maximize engagement and affinity with Notre Dame constituents (alumni, parents, friends, corporations, fans, campus visitors, etc.).

Using this system will provide the following benefits:

  • Provide a better experience for constituents, individuals and organizations that interact with Notre Dame
  • Enhance internal collaboration and constituent data accuracy
  • Preserve and documenting important relationships

Why are we working towards an enterprise implementation of crmND?

Today, Notre Dame’s constituent information is dispersed across a variety of systems, spreadsheets and individual notes. The siloed constituent management solutions across the University prevent Notre Dame from achieving a complete view of a constituent.

The goal of crmND, a campus-wide Constituent Relationship Management system, is to bring together that rich information into a single view of our relationships that will help Notre Dame be better stewards and to support our processes.

The CRM is much more than a living history of relationships, it will also include functionality for event registration, gift processing, and much more.

How do we get there?

Notre Dame is deploying crmND to user groups based on priorities established by the Steering Committee.  As part of the deployment process within a user group, the CRM Core Team will work with the sponsor to define stakeholder teams that will work through requirements definition, system configuration, data integration, change management and user training.

Who is involved?

The crmND project is an ambitious and comprehensive initiative to implement an enterprise-wide CRM solution.  Under the leadership of its executive and project sponsors, the project is supported by a variety of technical, functional, and subject matter experts, who together make up the following team structure:

Executive Steering Committee - The primary function of the Steering Committee is to participate in the planning and oversight of the Enterprise CRM project and advise its project team.

The crmND Core Team consists of individuals with crm system expertise who support user groups through the deployment process and provide ongoing system support.

User Group Project Teams consist of project managers, subject matter experts and individuals who will take on a role of Local Administrator or Power User for the CRM processes in their area.

Who is currently using crmND?

Mendoza College of Business

Notre Dame Law School

University Relations / Development 

IDEA Center

Monogram Club

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the name of the company that supports the CRM software called crmND.  It is a cloud-based program that is protected by the University's security protocols, which means users have to login to the system using their netID and password.